Deshi Tender is a Bangladesh based web service for tender and procurement information. Deshi Tender is up-to-date with latest tender and procurement information published in national dailies, known websites and sometimes directly from companies. We collect, store and notify our customers the tender information in the best way. Our everyday goal is to reach you with the latest tender information while you are relaxing with your stuffs.

Deshi Tender classifies its information by category, organization and region (division, city, etc.) so that customers can find their desired information very easily. With our tender classification, our customers know which tenders are most recents, which tenders are most viewed/popular, which tenders are with deadline today or which tenders have deadline tomorrow.

The purpose of this website is to ease the life of the (1) contractors who collect tender notices from many sources everyday, (2) company executives who publish their tender and/or procurement information to many newspapers, and (3) individuals who keep track of their desired tender information from various places. Deshi Tender works for all of them above.

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